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    GoPro - Camera

    Explore Kenny Brown Performance today!!
    GoPro.......Maker of the #1 selling wearable digital camera for sports. GoPro is dedicated to making it easy to take action video and photos during sports activities. Great for recording In/Out of Car footage, let it be at the Track and/or the Street. A great tool for all drivers.

    ** Buy direct from GoPro - the #1 selling wearable digital camera for sports in the world.
    ** Excellent online product support & 1-Year Warranty

    Click Banner for Website and/or Purchasing Information:

    Here's some examples of a GoPro camera in action. Footage provided by member: BAD03COBRA

    Video_1 (In Car):
    Video_2 (Out of Car) :
    Video_3 (In Car):

    These are great rugged, waterproof, high quality mini-cams and can be used for numerous applications!
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    just tried out my HD Hero in 1080p on the bike yesterday...MUCH better image and sound....cant wait to try it on the car!
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    **Click HERE for all my video's!!!**

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