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Thread: looking for a machine shop

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    looking for a machine shop

    Explore Kenny Brown Performance today!!
    I am looking for a machine with experience with the 32 valve heads. I am looking to get mine ported, polished. Anybody recommend a local shop?

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    These folks have done work for me on my pushrod 5.0.
    Did a good job. Not sure how much they know about mod motors but I'd be surprised if they didn't.


    174 Main Street
    Candia, NH 03034

    Bruce (aka: "Stealth Fighter Pilot")
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    Thanks I will give them a call.
    Anybody have comments on Fox Lake racing?

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    Fox Lake Racing


    Ron Robart, Fox Lake’s owner, started working for Trick Flow as a cylinder head porter in 1988. Ron was the very first individual to grind on a set of Trick Flow heads and his extensive research and porting time has helped him to develop many porting packages and have a great understanding of the cylinder head airflow business.

    In 1992, Summit Racing purchased the entire Trick Flow company. Ron Robart then opened up his own shop, now known as Fox Lake Power Products Inc. Fox Lake has been on the leading edge of cylinder head development and airflow research ever since. Fox Lake is housed in a new state of the art 5,000 square feet facility with a full engine shop in house to meet any of your engine needs.

    Ron personally designs each port by hand grinding, polishing,and flow testing til the air flow is just right for the application its intended for. Then its copied on our Wrenishaw Cyclone digitizing machine so our 5 axis cnc can cut that port exactly like the hand ground port ensuring each port is identical.

    Fox Lake Racing is a relatively small but efficient operation, employing only 2 people.

    Fox Lake Racing is a subsidiary of Fox Lake Power Products Inc.

    Fox Lake Power Products Inc.
    6060 Dalton Fox Lake Road
    North Lawrence, Ohio 44666
    Ph: (330) 682-8800

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    Anybody have comments on Fox Lake racing?
    I'd say if your willing to ship them out, I don't think you could go wrong working with and industry veteran such as Ron over at Fox Lake Premiere Mustang Enthusiast Community-Based Forum.
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    Cobra Automotive in Conn they deal in Hi Pro racing cars Vintage Shelby's They are the best They have a full on site service machine shop.
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    They went out to Ron last week. Looking forward to putting it all back together.

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