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Thread: SmokinStangs Turns 6! Another year, another milestone!

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    Thumbs up SmokinStangs Turns 6! Another year, another milestone!

    Explore Kenny Brown Performance today!!

    1st launched & officially went live back on January 22, 2010

    Happy Birthday/Anniversary!
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    Happy Birthday and thanks for all the info.All the new friends I have met on here .And all the laughs we have all had over the past six years.And Thanks to you Bob for all your work behind the scene's

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    3 – Turns 6! Email blast sent on 01/30/16

    Home of the SmokinStangs - Northeast Mustang Rally!

    We’d like to wish everyone a Happy New year! It’s now late January of 2016, and time already seems to be flying by! Speaking of time flying by, we are proud to say that SmokinStangs has officially turned 6! SmokinStangs first launched, as the forum went live, back on Jan of 2010.!-SmokinStangs-Turns-6!


    The “Mustang World” is a very big place, and certainly an interesting one to navigate. Initially we had strong intentions of being a predominant leader in the space, both by way of community and hosted events. After several years, we quickly discovered the industry simply won’t allow for that.

    All said & done…we are cool with that! Coincidently it took us around 4-5 years to specifically carve out our own particular niche, and truly identify who we are, and what we’re about. Over time we learned what really matters & has relevance. To date, SmokinStangs has created Two (2) major Mustang Videos in support of the SmokinStangs brand and its members. These videos serve as a reminder as to what SmokinStangs comprises of, and what we are about. The way we look at it is…”If pictures are worth a thousand words…then videos, are worth a million!” Consequently, we hold them in high regard, and needless to say, are very proud of them.

    Here are the videos for those who may have not seen them, and/or for those who wish to see them again:

    SmokinStangs (Video 1 / 2014) – “50 YEARS OF AWESOME”

    SmokinStangs (Video 2 / 2015) – “OVERDIVE INSANITY”


    Now at the 6 year mark, we reflect on past accomplishments (wink), and now find ourselves looking toward the future (wink, wink)

    See our SmokinStangs “Info Site” for a list of details on this:

    We have a very cool idea that we are hoping to do for our 3rd SmokinStangs video installment, the 2016 SmokinStangs video. This one will be both different and exceptional, as it will require the help (participation) of many our members. Our annual SmokinStangs videos, serves as our means to what we like to call our “Mustang Legacy!” heard that correctly, SmokinStangs wants to, and intends to build a legacy, if you will. "In the big ole; Mustang World, this is our special way of leaving a mark," says Robert Pitard / SmokinStangs Founder.

    We’ll leave it on that note. If you made it this far and have read all of this,
    ” We applaud you; appreciate you, and most of all…Thank You!


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