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Thread: SmokinStangs "Overdrive Insanity" - Video Released

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    SmokinStangs "Overdrive Insanity" - Video Released

    Explore Kenny Brown Performance today!!

    SmokinStangs "Overdrive Insanity" - Video Released!

    For the members of, their Mustangs are more than just cars. They're vehicles that fuel their passion for the automotive lifestyle.
    "This was a 2015 OPTIMA Ultimate Film Festival Finalist, and was featured at the 2015 SEMA event."

    The SmokinStangs "Overdrive Insanity" - Video has officially been released today 11/06/15 via YouTube and can now be seen here:

    Overdrive Insanity

    Each year creates a "New & Exciting" Mustang video that strictly features the SmokinStangs member’s community & rides. This was our 2nd installment (SmokinStangs Video 2), and the follow-up to our very popular "Ford Mustang - 50 Years of Awesome" video! The "50 Years of Awesome" video was uniquely created to both celebrate Ford's historical milestone...the Mustangs 50th Anniversary, as well as to promote our very own SmokinStangs Laconia - Northeast Mustang Rally.

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    Behind the scenes photos of this....

    "Overdrive Insanity" Video - Behind the Scenes / Action Photos Premiere Mustang Enthusiast Community-Based Forum.
    "Bringing Mustang Enthusiasts together like never seen before!"

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    Cool....Great Job!!!!!
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