Hello all,

It's been a while since I have been on and posted. I won't bore you with all the details, but In the fall of 2013 I pull my 302, started a 351w build (bored 40 over and stroked = 395 c.i.). Went over budget on that, so rebuilt the stock 302. In between the builds last spring I had two shoulder surgeries. OK, enough with the boo hoo's, right?

The 302 is back in the car and running because other than sending the block and heads out for cleaning and a thread repair, I did all the work myself. My first REAL engine build. Parts that were reused: block, heads (valves-springs-retainers-seals), crank, cam, connecting rods, roller lifters, push rods and rockers. New parts: pistons, rings, bearings, oil pump, timing chain, dizzy drive shaft, core plugs, clutch, timing cover, water pump and valve covers. Mods: Pypes shorty headers, under-drive pulleys, three core radiator, smog/EGR delete, #24 injectors, tubular GT upper and lower intake, 70 mm throttle body, 75 mm MAF and a CAI.

I have an SCT 6600 chip with 4 selectable tune options. I had one for the old engine and mods that were done on that one. It was nothing special, just tuned for the bigger CAI, MAF and throttle body. With the chip plugged in the OBD-I throws a 511 code, bad memory in the ECM. Pull the chip and no check engine light.

Here is the problem: car starts and runs when cold (due to issues with mods the timing and idle speed are now out of whack, but adjusted to make the car drivable). Once it warms up the idle starts to drop-surge-drop-surge over and over. The TPS is new and set at about 0.96v. I can try readjusting it again when it starts doing this. But worse, once at temp. when stopping at a red light or stop sign, it stalls almost immediately.

Having owned this car for a number of years and from research I have done in the past, all indicators point to getting a new tune done on the chip. So I now once again turn the fine experts here and ask for a "local" SCT tuner I can bring the baby to. I have already reached out to Granite State Dyno & Tune in Hudson, NH... They can get me in for a tune around Sept. 11. Checked with Performance Dyno in Loudon, NH but haven't heard back from him yet. I am going to try calling them today, but in the meantime I am looking for anyone else in So. NH or North Eastern MA that knows how to tune for this chip. Granite State gave me a name, Slow Hawk Racing, but all I could find is Slow Hawk Performance and they specialize in GM/LS1 tunes. I have also gone to the SCT site looking for other tuners, but they are either too far away, or do not appear to program this chip.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.