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Thread: Rick Finamore's 66 ProMod Mustang Build

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    Rick Finamore's 66 ProMod Mustang Build

    Explore Kenny Brown Performance today!!
    Rick Finamore 's 66 ProMod Mustang (of New England) is a "Timeless Beast of a Creation!"

    Rick is well known (as well as his 66 Mustang) here in the Boston, MA area (New England) he is responsible, as well as is a judge, for the annual WOW - World of Wheels (Boston) event!
    Obviously being that dialed within with the Show Car scene...he personally is going to build & own a Timeless Staple of a Ride!" His 66 was featured in many, many Mags & Ads...and was even used as a brand ambassador on numerous occasions (where -as) a brand would actually collect up the car...and ship it around on display at various locations around the country - USA.

    His 66 Mustang build was completed many years ago....but you'd never now it!! Looking at it you would think that this is a branny-new, freshly completed build, but...not the case. Driven regularly, and cruised frequently...this creation is simply a "TIME TESTED - BUILD PERFECTION" says Robert Pitard of SmokinStangs

    Rick's insane & perfection level of detailing aids in this department also

    Regularly street driven, & thoroughly enjoyed!

    Watch as he rows through the gears (literally) in this VID!

    More to follow on this Unique & SMOKIN Ride soon!!
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    Holy frijoles.
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    Love it..!!

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