SmokinStangs Member - Sean Graz has been diligently customizing his already pristine SN95 Convertible Mustang.

Sean has been EXTENSIVELY modifying his Mustang for quite some time now. I believe, now going on 1-1.5 years now. Could Sean have completely the work sooner? Yes & no! Sean certainly has the ability to fast track something like this, but not on this. This is Sean's baby, and he's not putting a time limit on this quality build. Attention to detail and immaculateness are the best words that I can use to explain Sean's approach to this build.

Prior to this most recent re-build, Sean's Opal Frost SN95 Convertible Mustang has see it's fair share of magazine coverage. Most probably would have been plenty happy leaving it in it's prior complete form as it was immaculate and stunning.

I'm pretty sure Sean's logic was to "Kick things up a Notch," there-for venturing into a 2nd round build.

Check out what makes it tick!

Wait to you get a load of the finished product. It's destined to be a SMOKIN Home Run!!

More will be posted in due time.....WINK, WINK