Mustang Connections factory sound overhaul for 1965-1970 Mustang model

1000 watt HotRodded Factory Sound System 1969 Ford Mustang Restoration Part 74 Mustang Connection

Published on Oct 22, 2014

The Factory AM\FM Mustang Car Stereo from 1969 gets the royal treatment and fully modernized to accept an amp and Ipod adapter. It's high fidelity wrapped in a stealth package.

The factory head unit now connects to a pair of 4x6 door speakers, a pair of rear package tray 6x9s , and a pair of 10" subs in a custom box all driven by a 4 channel Crunch amp. It's tucked neatly in factory positions and even the speaker covers are factory. California Pony Cars makes rear shelf speaker covers that look factory fresh

Now the car looks good on the outside and sounds good on the inside.

Learn more about Mustang Connection / MustangConnection1 via YouTube:

NOTE: They appear to be a pretty good resource for information