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Thread: Suspension upgrade for auto cross

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    Suspension upgrade for auto cross

    Explore Kenny Brown Performance today!!
    Hey Gang,

    I am asking Santa for some new suspension. What have y'all used for upgrades? I have heard conflicts on the ford packs in favor of steeda? Just like picking my blower (kenne bell) I don't feel like doing it twice. Any input?


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    My advice would be don't do anything before spending some time on the Maximum Motorsports web site. (

    Take the time to plow through the tech info links and the instructions, you will learn a LOT even if you end up deciding to go with a different line of products. My own personal experience is that MM is unparalleled for handling improvements. This company was founded and is owned by four automotive and mechanical engineers and they just plain know what they are doing and test, test, test everything themselves in-person on the track in real racing, not just test tracks. They also improve their parts whenever they discover something better. They are the "original" of many parts copied by others (especially UPR) and still the best.

    I personally have the following MM parts installed on my car: Caster/camber plates, front and rear coil-overs, tubular A-arms, bumpsteer kit, solid steering rack bushings, 4-point K member brace, rear lower control arms, solid steering shaft, clutch quadrant and a few other things I can't think of right now. Top quality stuff and I wouldn't change a single one of them for anything else. Alex at Granite State Dyno & Tune says my car is the best handling SN-95 he's ever driven.

    Oh, and by the way MM has some NICE sales going on right now in their "Deal-of-the-Day". I'm not sure if their daily deals end 12/24 or at the end of the year, but get 'em while they're hot!
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    Thanks I am looking at their website right now!

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    Kenny Brown Performance has some great solutions/components as well.
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    That's absolutely true, you got to do some reading before getting on the market in search of some suspension components. Suspension is very important if you want to upgrade handling of a car or make new wheels look at home in your wheel wells. This article may be useful for whoever is looking for suspension How-To Coilovers Are Pricey - Why Would I Spend My Money For Them?

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