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Thread: Shoot-Out Details / SmokinStangs Laconia 2014

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    Shoot-Out Details / SmokinStangs Laconia 2014

    Explore Kenny Brown Performance today!!
    When paying for entrance at the NED gate, all racers must pay for "SmokingStangs shootout."

    PRICE $---- paid directly at the gate (As per NED & and paid directly to NED)

    When tech’ing in all drivers will tech in for the "SmokingStangs street shootout."
    Designation on windshield for this class will be "SO"

    Everyone except the USMC guys will be in a normal bracket race
    Tree will be a .400 Pro Tree ( what this means is after both members stage all three yellows will flash at the same time and then the green light will light)

    If there is an uneven amount of cars a competition single run will be awarded to the driver with the best reaction time.

    Drivers will make there own dial in and place on windshield and side windows making sure it is very visible. It is the drivers responsibility to insure his dial in is entered correctly on the display on the track it is visible before you stage.

    Normal Breakout rules apply if you go faster than your dial in you loose. EXAMPLE: If you dial in at 12.0 and you run 11.999, congratulations on the new fastest time for yourself, but your eliminated.

    But don’t worry to much in the first round, all first round competitors who would like may buy back in for $---

    First Round

    The following applies to all USMC contestants

    You must be the first to the staging lanes ready when called all bracket guys will be waiting until you have entered the lanes.

    The USMC contest will be a “Run What You Brung” no holds bared shootout.
    (However will be running the same time as the bracket guys) all track safety regulations apply.

    This will be accomplished by all USMC competitors will have the SAME dial in, not optional. This dial in will be set by 1 second faster than the fastest qualifying pass from practice. So if the fastest person runs 11.0 in qualifying all competitors will dial in a 10.0 and we will have a shootout for the fastest car.

    All USMC races will be paired before the race in the car show area. Paring will be done based on qualifying times in the 1 MAYBE 2 practice runs that time allows. Hoping for 2

    Competition single will go to fastest qualifier for USMC or fastest during last round of eliminations!

    When you are eliminated in the USMC contest for drag racing you drop into the bracket racing class, there is no buyback FEE associated with this. Once into the bracket class all bracket racing rules from above apply, again all will be run on the same .400 Pro Tree.
    __________________________________________________ _______________________

    Once the USMC challenge is complete the winner will drop into the next round of eliminations for the bracket class. Just be sure to update your dial in before the race!!!!!

    There may be 2 competition singles for 1 for USMC and one for bracket. If this occurs, USMC guy stay parked and move to next round... problem solved.

    Additional Note:
    If “Test & Tune” is available at the track…you are welcome to participate in that as well.
    If you choose to “Test & Tune” also, the track designation that should also go on your window will be “TT”

    It should be exciting!!

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    Home of the SmokinStangs - Northeast Mustang Rally!
    Anxious to see everyone there!!!!

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