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Thread: "Pesky Paparazzi" - How Ford Hid the New Mustang (Video)

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    "Pesky Paparazzi" - How Ford Hid the New Mustang (Video)

    Explore Kenny Brown Performance today!!

    The all-new Ford Mustang was one of the most highly anticipated new cars of 2013, one that everyone wanted to get a look at.
    Keeping the shape hidden until everyone was ready to reveal it was the job of the Ford camouflage team.

    Hiding in Plain Sight: The Art of Camouflage - Mustang Countdown

    It was a never ending cat and mouse game with spy photographers.

    Consider us (Carr Buzz) guilty as charged because we also sought as many spy shots of the new Mustang as we could get. Our spy photographers managed to snap some pretty good shots of Mustang development test mules in action on both the road and track. Ford also went to great lengths to prevent that from happening. In order to win the cat and mouse game with photographers, Ford designed a camo package for test mules consisting of black vinyl and heavily padded foam.

    Heck, there was even a camouflage engineer in charge of making sure those pesky paparazzi couldn’t get a sneak peak. And now that the car has been fully revealed, Ford has released this video explaining how it worked to fight off spy photographers, many of whom even hid in bushes.

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