Attention valued members and guests of the site,

SmokinStangs / originally launched and went live back in 2009. Since then and along the way...we'd like to think that we have learned a few things. One of them was (and still is) the need to learn about fulfilling the needs of our members and guests, as well as delicately balancing what is presented.

Now that 2014 is here and into full swing, after careful consideration, we are making some changes to our "Content Delivery & Selection."

We have decided that we will not be internally posting content that is generally readily available mainstream to the masses on the web. Content as you know is now, perhaps, overly available and accessible "anywhere & everywhere" (perhaps to the point of "shear redundancy"). With the knowledge and understanding that there are MAJOR aficionados out on the "Big Bad Web," we have asked ourselves "What are we actually offering here?" We think and feel that the answer is...."more of the same."

With an onslaught of availability and sources for Mustang news, along with feeds, news sources, groups, blogs, social media, Twitter, Facebook, etc…we feel that it is no longer necessary to do so, and we would rather focus our efforts else-where.

Now don’t get us wrong here…as we are not eliminating mainstream news/info altogether here on the site. It’s more like…we will now, simply be, selectively posting such content here.

On the flip side of this....

What we will be doing…is focusing on what SmokinStangs /, members & guests have going on specifically (Builds, events, happenings, experiences, tech, needs & wants, pics & videos, Etc…)!! We have conscientiously decided that we don't want to "regurgitate" content....we want to make it. Cause after all, this is what we have learned, and feel is "TRULY" valuable to us, and the members & guests here on the SmokinStangs site.

As always, and this is important, if you as a contributing member wish to identify, select, and choose to share "said" mainstream content....we have no qualms about it what-so-ever!! This is a forum after all...!!