Love this statement...
"Probably the only time you've seen an Insight going this fast, and possibly the last."

Itís not often that you see a Honda Insight going 190 mph, as even among fuel sipping hybrids, the car isnít exactly known for blisteringly fast performance. But the Hasport Hondata Insight is no ordinary Insight, seen here at a top speed test event at the El Mirage dry lakes in Southern California. Itís possible that the car was actually theoretically capable of an even higher top speed, but something went horribly wrong and now itís a bit hard to say.

Yet the truly remarkable thing about all of this is that the driver, Brian Gillespie, walked away from this horrific crash with just minor scrapes and bruises.

Perhaps the safety technology is actually even more impressive than the go-fast parts.

Here's the video:

HASport Hondata Insight car #2010 Crashes at El Mirage Nov '13

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