Want to know more about this destination location, named LACONIA....take a quick peek. It's WEIRS Beach....lots of options!!

Weirs Beach is very, very well know in the Northeast, and through out New England!! Once you see it....you won't forget it.
All we can say is Scenic,scenic, scenic....and lastly, memorable!!

The Beach, (Scenic beyond belief), The Boardwalk (Lakeside Ave), Hotel based activities, FUNSPOT Arcades http://www.funspotnh.com/, Restaurants, Pubs/Bars, Drive-in Theater, Etc...
There is a good reason why Laconia Motorcycle Week http://www.laconiamcweek.com/ has been partying here in New Hampshire for 91 years!!

WEIRS BEACH in LACONIA, NH (on Lake Winnipesaukee) Website:http://weirsbeach.com/