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Thread: 2014 - The Fox body Is Making A Comeback

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    2014 - The Fox body Is Making A Comeback

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    Title reads:
    Don Creason: The Fox body Is Making A Comeback

    The baby boomers have had their time. The generation that includes my parents have influenced the Mustang hobby for at least the last decade. That’s not necessarily a bad thing either, it gave us the S197 platform Mustang, which has been the best performing Mustang to date. It also gave us the restomod craze, which we’ve seen build some of the coolest and wildest first generation Mustangs ever.

    Last year Creation’s ‘n Chrome set the Mustang world abuzz with one of the most extreme Fox-body builds we have ever seen.
    Photo CNC Pics

    What we’ve started to notice permeating the surface now though is the return of the Fox body. The Fox was all the rage with young people everywhere when I was in high school. Now that we’ve all grown up, and been in the workforce for 20-plus years, Gen X, and Gen Y are eager to spend some of their leisure money on the cars they always wanted to build.

    What is it about Fox body Mustangs that strikes such a chord with these enthusiasts? I will admit the Fox body appeals to me on many levels however, if I look at it objectively it’s not the most attractive looking Mustang design ever built. While it had the lowest drag coefficient of any production car offered in 1979, when you step back and look it’s a boxy, 80’s machine, devoid of flowing lines, curves, or sharp edges that define so many designs. While the car was a back to the roots of the Mustang idea when it debuted in 1979, to younger kids today it’s hardly recognizable as a Mustang. Three of my nephews, all brothers, who have ridden in my ’98 GT, and are fans of the current S197 were shocked, to the point of disbelief when I pointed out a Fox body Mustang as a Mustang to them for the first time “That old thing, it looks like an old clunker,” I remember the middle one’s reaction.

    That shape, even though kind of vanilla, is unmistakeable from 500 yards away.
    The Fox body is also not the most powerful Mustang either, in-spite of our nostalgia, and my own love of the cars. The fact is that by today’s standards the 5.0 HO dropped in the Foxes in stock form is downright anemic, new four-cylinder cars make more power. Still, there’s just something about it. That shape, even though kind of vanilla, is unmistakeable from 500 yards away (or more). The exhaust note defined Flowmaster as a company. Images of Fox body’s standing on the bumper and Saleen racers rounding corners at speed are forever burned into our minds.

    Sourced via Stangtv.
    For the full story..hit the link--->

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    the foxbody never really went anywhere.....all through the years some of the fastest cars at the strip and on the street have always been fox mustangs
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