Well that was fun…..not!!

Note: Photo wasn't included in email

You may or may not be aware, but we had to “TEMPORARILY” turn off the forums recently.

Apparently the "Syrians" have an interest in Mustangs…as an offshore group had hacked the SmokinStangs website, late evening, on 09/11/13. They had inserted unique re-directs which displayed their anti-war sentiment. This was by no means malicious, by way of impacting individual site users/members accounts...but more-so, an attempt to use our medium as a means to spread Syrian related propaganda, via insertions of assorted text based content, photos, and videos. Additionally we wanted to insure that or members understand that this was “NOT” computer virus based.

It’s certainly never fun dealing with issues like these, but as site owners, we must take it in stride…so we have learned to adapt, over come, and press forward!!

We are happy to say that the SmokinStangs.com site/forums are now back on-line, and in the clear. You can have peace of mind logging in, browsing the site, reading, posting, and contributing to….”as if it was business as usual.”

We apologize for any confusion and/or concern this may have caused, and hope to see you on the SmokinStangs http://www.smokinstangs.com site soon!!

Thank you,

This mass email was sent to all members on 09/14/13 at 8pm ET