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Thread: STO N SHO™ - No Drill detachable front license plate bracket

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    Explore Kenny Brown Performance today!!
    Quote Originally Posted by SmokinStang View Post
    Nice. Would love to see it and get more info on it, including who the manufacturer is
    Definitely a handy add-on item to keep any foxbody legal!!
    ok its called "SHOW N GO"

    you can get them on Amazon and Ebay. they are like 40 for not motorized and like 80 for electrical motorized. I got the non motorized, because I hardly ever drive my car..

    you can see on the above pic on the right. that's the base.

    also... if you have a hole drilled.. go here to match your color of your car.

    they are cool and worth the 25 bucks or so..

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    Just ordered another STO N SHO™ for the Foxbody Mustang

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    1987-1993 Ford Mustang LX

    Big Mike's Performance Parts' STO N SHO for 1987-1993 Mustang LX
    NOTE...(This bracket fits only the LX model)

    Item #: SNS57
    Direct/Retail Price: $89.99
    Amazon Price $79.99

    Specific link to this 87-93 Foxbody (Fox) Version:

    Who Needs A Quick Release Front License Plate?

    Big Mike's Performance Parts' patented(US9056590)
    STO N SHO® is a custom aftermarket quick release front license plate bracket that was designed for the modern muscle, performance and luxury car and for those cars whose appearance would be detracted from by the use of the factory front license plate mounting location.

    Avoid getting costly fines and never get a ticket for not having a front license plate again. Stay in complian
    ce with state law requiring a front license plate by simply STOing your front license plate when you want to SHO the beauty of your modern muscle, high performance or luxury car.

    Specific link for additional Mustang varients: Premiere Mustang Enthusiast Community-Based Forum.
    "Bringing Mustang Enthusiasts together like never seen before!"

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