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Thread: Heapzilla - 88 GT

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    Cool Heapzilla - 88 GT

    Explore Kenny Brown Performance today!!
    Finally have a stang again, working on getting it ready for ED Day. Just ordered new seats. Stripped the interior out due to mold and varmint damage. New tires are in and being put on today. Gotta get it registered here in the lovely state of PA then it's road test time. Prior owner indicated it had a slow overheating problem. I wasn't able to replicate the over heating while running it in the garage while up on the jack stands.

    The factory oil pressure and water temp gauges are disconnected. There are AutoMeter ProComp oil pressure and water temp gauges installed. Anyone know how accurate these gauges are? Coolant and water levels are normal, but will recheck those after an actual test drive. Hoping its something simple like air in coolant system or just a thermostat.

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