Wanted to let the SmokinStangs.com members know of a cool feature here on the site.

Looking for a cool & easy way to keep tabs of your "Friends" activity's here on the site!?!?!
Example: What and when your friend specifically posts here on the SmokinStangs website.

This can easily be done via (& on) your personal member PROFILE page.

How do you get to your PROFILE page?

Simply...Select the "My Profile" tab on the Forum page

Once on your profile page you will instantly see, any/all current activity via the "My Activity" tab. If you have selected FRIENDS with anyone here on the site, their recent activity will also be seen here on your specific profile page.

***We will plan to put together a video on this for further clarification, as well as any other "How To demonstrations" related to FRIENDS based topics***