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Thread: Racing Mower......

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    Racing Mower......

    Explore Kenny Brown Performance today!!
    Finally grabbed my mower off the shelf. What do u guys think. Sits about 1 inch off the ground. Pretty sick.
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    Smokin 1500HP - Member ToplessPony94's Avatar
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    You planning to drop that motor I see behind it in there???
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    Not quite lol. My buddy has another motor well be dropping in it this weekend .

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    That mower is sick! Where is the seat?!
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    Its not quite there yet lol. Took it for its first rip tonight. Gotta do some minor tinkering to it. Its pretty sketchy doing 50+ on a lawn mower. Seat is a wooden board atm but without a piece of metal on the bottom incase the chain breaks... Its a little stupid on my part but f it. Only live once right.

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    NO! You only DIE once!! Neat project...they race these at our Lions Club Country Fair every year in August!

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