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Thread: Monte 540 - SmokinStangs Member / Dyno Pull

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    Monte 540 - SmokinStangs Member / Dyno Pull

    Explore Kenny Brown Performance today!!
    MERRY XMAS Chris!!

    Chris's (AKA: Member: Monte 540) -
    Beautiful & SMOKIN 1973 Monte Carlo featuring a custom built "Naturally Aspirated" Monster 540ci motor!!

    I've been meaning to post this up for you since the summer.

    The results in graph form:

    Dyno'd at 650RWHP / 579TRQ Premiere Mustang Enthusiast Community-Based Forum.
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    very nice clean car (for a GM that is ) ....

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    Thanks Bob,i was hoping that you had got this that day!...better late than never.

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    Did this car once live in southern NH say in the late 90s?

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    You just can't argue with 650 naturally aspirated HP.....!!!!!

    2007 Evolution Shelby Vert / 93 Cobra w/ Grey cloth / 83 GLX vert

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    car has been in southern nh with the same owner since the 80's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chet-b View Post
    You just can't argue with 650 naturally aspirated HP.....!!!!!
    The car actually makes 600 to the tire NA,the 650 i made that day was on a 100 shot and was shooting for close to 700 but the bottle was bad.Looking forward to the next dyno day!
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