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Thread: Suggestion: buyer/seller feedback system

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    Suggestion: buyer/seller feedback system

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    I've bought a few things from other members on here and noticed that there is no way to provide a positive or negative feedback based on my experience with the seller or buyer. I use a system like this on every other Mustang forum that I am on and of course, ebay too.
    Can we get something like that here? Otherwise, I am limited to adding to a buyer/sellers reputation.

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    Very good suggestion, and we are looking into implementing this feature.

    The SmokinStangs site as it stands now, is somewhat ready to go...allowing for the integration of a feature such as this. Premiere Mustang Enthusiast Community-Based Forum.
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    there is no way i would buy from cobraman1024.............just messen with you....your stuff is in my basement
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    Bought a transmission from resolution78. Great experience and it works awesome theres some feedback for you bud lol


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