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Thread: New from Mass. 347 T-Top Build

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    New from Mass. 347 T-Top Build

    Explore Kenny Brown Performance today!!
    My name is Kevin, and I have been out of the Mustangs scene for a few years now. I have owned 3 Fox Bodys in previous years all of them were modified pretty heavily but with my new project im looking to take things to the next level. Not to long ago I picked up a SUPER clean 87' 5spd with T-Tops which has been my dream build for a long time now. There is not a spot of rust on this car. The car came with a 347 stroker motor and mild cam (dont know specs) Cold Air Intake, and a bunch of suspension mods (subframe connectors, sway bars, strut bar, springs, shocks, ect) 3:55 Cobra Rear. I recently have added a Trikflow Track Heat Upper and lower intake manifold, Acufab 75mm throttle body, Pro 5.0 shifter, Walbro 255 intank fuel pump, 30# Trikflow injectors, Pro-M Maf, SN95 Fuel Rail, recently replaced power window motors, power lock motors, window guides, door hinge pin kit ect.

    Parts I have waiting to be installed are the following:

    new Cervinis Stalker front bumper
    new Cervinis Cobra side skirts
    new Cervinis Cobra rear bumper
    new Cervinis Saleen Spoiler w/ 3rd brake light
    new Cervinis Heat Extractor Hood (03 Cobra style) Hood w/hood pins and hood shocks
    New headliner
    All new gaskets and moldings for doors,windows, t tops, hatch, door handles, door locks, hatch lock, side mirrors, headlights, emblems. Im replacing it all whether it needs it or not.

    The final touch will be House of Kolor Tangerine Kandy Paint which I already have as well.

    Plans for next season include:

    Full Brake 5-Lug Conversion w/ Brake Kit
    FR500 wheels in black 9" Front and 10" Rear

    and plans for the following season include:

    Built Transmission
    Interior will be completed w/
    Corbeau LG1 Seats
    Roll Cage with swing outs
    new carpet

    and season after that final touches

    Trikflow Heads
    Turbo Kit
    Different Cam

    There is a few things that are done or going to need to be done that I have not listed but this is just a basic plan for the build. I am sure things will change ect. Ill keep everyone posted on the build and hope to learn some things here as I been out of the game for a while.

    Thanks and hope to be an asset here as well!

    Here are a few pics ill post pics as build progresses.

    Car as I purchased it:

    New Trick Flow Track Heat Intake manifold painted the color the car will be painted HOK Kandy Tangerine

    Short video after Trick Flow Intake Manifold and Acufab 75mm throttle body install:

    As of last week:

    Car has been stripped down to bare metal and getting alot closer to that House of Kolor Kandy Tangerine Paint Job!

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    Great project...keep us love those T Top Foxes!
    1984 T Top Coupe-Coyote 5.0, 4R70W, Modified BBK Long Tubes, 3.73s

    *Formerly only90s, but all the 90s are gone..

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    Nice car, nice project! Good luck with it - we love hearing about projects as they happen.
    Bruce (aka: "Stealth Fighter Pilot")
    TFS TW heads, rockers, 75mm intake, cam, 75mm TB, CAI, MAF, DeatschWerks 35# injectors, Aeromotive rails/regulator, 255 pump, BeCool radiator, alum water pump, MSD 6A/coil,alum flywheel, PP, driveshaft, McLeod clutch, Torsen T2R, 3.73, 31spline axles, 17" 95 Cobra R, NT-05 255/275, MM CC plates, coil-over (Bilstein), rlca, K-brace, A-arms, bumpsteer, SF conns, Cobra brakes, =len shorties, 2.5" SS Hpipe, Borla CB, all LED lights

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    Welcome....looks like you have a greAt plan looking forward to seeing more pics with your progress.....Great color!!!

    2007 Evolution Shelby Vert / 93 Cobra w/ Grey cloth / 83 GLX vert

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    welcome ! :)

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    nice car, welcome
    --- Ian ---
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    Welcome aboard .. Nice work.
    2001 Saleen S281 Convertible ~ True Blue Metallic # 614
    KB Supercharged ~385 rwhp / 394 rwtq @ 10psi
    1/4 mile 12.91 @ 107.67

    Barry ~~AKA~~ B

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    Welcome!! Very Nice color!! I have HOK Candy Brandywine on my 69!!!

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