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Thread: Cruising Downtown - Manchester NH / 2012

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    Cruising Downtown - Manchester NH / 2012

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    Looks like this year it is $30 to register.

    Here's a Preview Video while rolling down Elm Street, Manchester, NH last year (2011):

    Cruising Downtown Manchester 2011 / Elm St - SmokinStangs

    Looks as though the NHMC - New Hampshire Mustang Club is involved with assisting parking.
    More info via the NH Mustang Club forum:

    They have done this for several years now, and generally can be found at the FAR END of Elm Street (Of which the show primarily takes place on, and then branches off into the numerous side street).
    The show also utilizes some of the surrounding PARK AREAS.
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    It's 25 & 35 35 guarantees elm st parkibg

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    I'll be going as a spectator. I like to check all the cars and last year all I got for bringing my car was a $200 speeding ticket. Lol
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