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Thread: Cost to have seat upolstery replaced?

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    Cost to have seat upolstery replaced?

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    I bought new seat upolstery for my 89 GT and need a place to install them. One place in Southern Maine quoted $400!!! WTF!

    Any recommended places to have this done? $400 seems crazy high.

    If anyone knows of people who may do this on the side for cash and reasonable price let me know.

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    My wife and I recovered the rear seat of the T Top car last weekend. We stripped the stock seat covers off the back rest and bottom seat and then put the Corbeau black ones on..

    There is a ton of those clips and staples that hold them on...probably took us 3-4 hours from start to finish..and that was only the rear!

    I have never done front ones so not sure how difficult they are...I would check around but that price may be appropriate..

    Columbia 978-683-2205 and Stitches 978-681-5051 In Lawrence, MA are the only ones I know off around could give them a call and check..both have done work for friends of mine.
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    We did this for Project Fallen Hero a couple of months ago. While George Martin could probably give a better answer, my advice would be if someone will do this for $400 - TAKE IT! It's a LOT of work and you need at least a couple of special tools. It took us two days to do the PFH seats, much of it requiring two people (or at least much easier with two). You have no idea how much work it is until you've done it.
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    No doubt I've already read about how much of a PITA the seats are to recover so definitely paying someone to do it. Didn't realize how much it would cost. I got the TMI vinyl seats for $330 so paying $400 to put them on is a crush to the wallet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by only90s View Post
    Columbia 978-683-2205 and Stitches 978-681-5051 In Lawrence, MA are the only ones I know off around could give them a call and check..both have done work for friends of mine.

    I've never had upholstery work done, but Columbia has been around for DECADES. I've never heard anything but good comments about their work.

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    If you do decide to try to tackle this on your own, the new mustang magazine, Fox Mustang Magazine has a great two part article (across issues 1 and 2 I think) that step-by-step details the replacement of front seat covers with a bunch of pictures.

    I know that at least one of the special tools required, a hog ring pliers, can be bought at Harbor Freight.

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