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Thread: Members PROMO Video is Live!!!!!!!!

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    Explore Kenny Brown Performance today!!
    thanks guys. appreciate the feedback.

    hopefully some of you can get me going on another video for you personally. Im still tapping into the program of the new iMac
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    NOW - Teksid, 10.5:1, TVS @ 20psi
    9.17 @ 149 w/ a 1.44 <-- ouch!

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    Nice job your car ....great job

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    Great job on the video. Cant wait for the next one.

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    Excellent video Jake. Good choice of background music also.I need to get my gold stang in one of your videos.

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    Awesome vid man! We all need to get our hands on some video cameras this season so we can get you some more footage.
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    Excellent work, except for that nut peeking over the jersey barrier while you raced your car. Jim C might have some video of the older Stangs...Again nice job..thanks for taking the time to do it....

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    Impressive...Great Job!!:sHa_thumbsup3:

    every girl wants a pony, mine just happens to be blue

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmac72187 View Post
    Just watched the video again but with no sound (no speakers at work).

    James are you trying to keep up with that Miata? haha it looks like you are trying to chase all 100rwhp of it down.
    How'd you guess?

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    Great vid...wish I followed this and made a submission...oh well...
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    *Formerly only90s, but all the 90s are gone..

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