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Thread: This means alot too me

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    Cool This means alot too me

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    Last year I went without my son, he was very sick and could not attend what would have been our 19th year together. I was so happy to place but my heart was broken my right hand man was unable to be there. I vow he will be there this year and my daughter will be there with her 5.0. We have been going thru everything together and he will be with me this time. Please cheer him on he is in recovery and missed what he loved to do with dad.

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    good luck on his recovery. I wish I had a relationship like this with my dad......something in common that we could grow in doing together.

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    Pass along my good thoughts on his Recovery.

    Hope to see all of you there this Year.
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    Good luck and hope all is well.
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    Our sincere best wishes on his recovery!! It sounds as though you are extremely close....a treasure in itself.

    We look forward to the hope of seeing you, your family, and of course the Capri & 5.0
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    Best wishes to you and yours !
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    Sending positive thoughts your way. Best of luck to your son for his recovery.

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    I had a great time this year,Thank You all for your kind words.
    My son was able to drive the car at NHIS, he is alive and it was all I wanted, Just to attend and have my son.

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