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Thread: 91notchback - my notch

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    91notchback - my notch

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    I havent been active alot on here and figured id make a thread on my notch...I havent touched it in a while but i can say i have all the suspension components at this time...they consist of aje k member and a arms, strange front struts with upr coil overs and caster camber plates. the rear consist of team z double adjustable upper control arms and racecraft double adjustable lowers als with strange coilovers relocated in the rear and waiting to order a team z antiroll bar compatible with full exhaust. some chassis mods are threw the floor subframe connectors mini tubs, smoothed bay parachute anchor to the body and is removeable. making a custom fuel cell area to mount that and the battery under the car. still need to do alot of odds and ends and order a 10 point cage.

    The body will have a pro touring look on 2011 18 in gt wheels with the back widened to 13 so i can fit 345/35/18 tires. its getting painted 2011 kona blue and will look like a mostly stock lx from the side only body change is it has a 2 1/2in cowl.

    For the interior it will be a black interior with the factor fox look. the 10 point cage will be tucked as best as possible. for gauges i have autometer for everything with the florida 5.0 instrument panel. still has a full system with a pioneer head and bose everything else.

    Now for the fun the driveline... it is a mod motor swap with a custom harness based off a factory 5.0 harness and running the 4.6 crank trigger.qill be tuned with a anderson pms (more about the motor later). the rear end is a 33spline 8.8 with 4.56s,strange axles and open center so i can run it on the street with out having a spool, housing is braced welded tubes and 9in ends. for a trans im running a 4r70w with a transbrake and a 3k stall converter (plan on a 28in slick for the track). last but not least the motor, its a 4.6 teskid block arp studded through out, 03 cobra crank polished manley h-beam rods with arp bolts and 10.1 diamond pistons. the heads im not sure of yet waiting on pricing for both im either gonna run 03 heads ported or ford gt heads with a minor port both will use ford gt cams(will switch later on to a custom one when i upgrade other things.) now for boost i will be running the gt500 eaton for temporary use until i can afford a 3.6 lc kenne bell. usign 72lb injectors along with a full return fuel system.those are plans as of now some plans my change.will post pics later tell me what you think and what you would change.

    thanks for reading

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    Sounds great..would like to see some pics :)
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    yea ill have to update some later on and take new ones been a while haha thanks for looking

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    heres how it started when i first bought it and some random pics and progress

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    sorry for bad quality on that one its a cell phone pic

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    thats all for pics now ill have more maybe tommorrow havent been able to take any recent ones

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    Thanks for posting up your build it sounds like a Very Cool & Very SMOKIN project!!
    I love the direction your going with this build.

    Kona Blue is going to look killer on the NOTCH!! Premiere Mustang Enthusiast Community-Based Forum.
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    i was gonna paint it the 03 blue but i saw the kona blue on a hatch and i knew i had to have it i need to get pics up of the other parts i have forgot to mention the car will be on the bottle a 175 hit ill get more pics and info later on thanks for checking it out

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    Wow...looks great so far....sounds like a Stout setup
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