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Thread: 66 mustang front axle need for changeout ?

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    66 mustang front axle need for changeout ?

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    I'm a recent Mustang owner for first time. My car is a 66 restore project and when I was starting to disassemble I noticed the rear end axles were 5 lug and the front axles were 4 lug.The car VIN # indicated it was originally a 6 cyl, but is now a 289 apparently a changeout in it's past. Did Ford put a 4 lug frt and 5 lug rear combo together from factory or is this a aftermarket mod ? Will a 5 lug hub and drum brake assembly w/bearings fit on my existing 4 lug spindle ? What I've seen would indicate mine is a 9" frt drum hub and brakes used on 6 cyl's, whereas the V8's use a 10" hub and brakes. Also did any year 66's come with disc brakes ? Any comments would be appreciated....

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    What most folks do is retrofit 5 lug disc brakes onto the front. There are kits for this that include the appropriate spindles, if needed. Since it's not in stock condition now (motor, rear) that's the way I'd go. Unless you're planning to race it, you should find something good in this list:|Asc
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    You will need to change the spindles. Yes 66's did have disc as an option and there are kits available for the conversion but you will need the spindles. Check ebay or craigslist if you decide to go that route. There is always the granada brakes, mavericks and the like. also 67-68 spindles will work although they have a different caliper design. I believe 69-70 will work as well. Will work being the key phrase because other associated components will usually need to be changed Check out
    I have not bought from them nor do I know anyone who has. this sight has some info
    Also check mustang steve
    There are many more but that's all I got for now. Also go to mustangs plus. They have some good how to articles.



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