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Thread: Mustangs Race 2012 - Mustang Club of Poland (2nd Video Release)

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    Mustangs Race 2012 - Mustang Club of Poland (2nd Video Release)

    Explore Kenny Brown Performance today!!
    This is another video release from the Mustang Club of Poland, titled "Mustang Race 2012."
    It's tough to describe the video , and I'm not really sure how the videos title relates...but it is a quality production, features a variety of Mustangs, and perhaps offers some insight as to their community/club.

    This is a follow-up to the "Mustang Race 2011" video they released back in January of this year: Premiere Mustang Enthusiast Community-Based Forum.
    "Bringing Mustang Enthusiasts together like never seen before!"

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    What the hell was that ?? :-)"
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    dumb, they tried too hard on this one and it just comes across as stupid
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    Kinda wierd would have kicked the girl in the ass if she ran her nails on my ride like that but to each his own it was very creative.And as the first video no Yellow Cars as we all know they would have struck a sour note in the entire song

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