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Thread: 50th Anniversary Mustang - What would members like to see and/or expect

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    50th Anniversary Mustang - What would members like to see and/or expect

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    There is a very big moment in time coming down the road for all of us Mustang Enthusiasts!! It takes place in the the year 2014.
    We are talking about the 50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang!!

    SmokinStangs wants to know what you would like to see and/or expect with regard to this future...and most likely very special Mustang!?!?!
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    All-wheel drive, please.

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    i want a forged coyote motor with a turbo .....lighten up the car a bit as well . more of an old school fastback design .

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    Lowered stance, all wheel drive and 600hp

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    I think that 50th is going to be tricky in the visual department. Of course one would want/hope that it has design cues that signify the Mustang....but progress/evolution makes this complicated to maintain I think three years from now that will be extremely tough to do, so I would perfectly satisfied if Ford used the 50th as an opportunity to roll out a new platform, especially in the exterior. The Mustang is slowly morphing over the it should, and with each passing must be harder & harder to keep these cues alive. The rending/illustration above does a great good, as it's funny how you can see the older Fastback become more prevalent in the future, more forward thinking designs & concepts!!

    I'm expecting and wouldn't mind seeing something similar to the illustration above, as well as the blending of the SAAB AERO X concept:

    I think that the timing is perfect, and would strategically allow for a major transition to occur. I think the Mustang as we all know it is becoming more of a "Legacy" style type of concept. I personally feel that something as special as a 50th Anniversary milestone this day & age, is screaming "Go bold!" Couple this with the fact that it's time for the Mustang to see serious platform advancements, where-as "Forward Thinking" style offerings should be the rage. It may be painful in the beginning to digest the transition...but most worth while in the long run.

    I'm a HUGE Fan of horsepower, but I don't think horsepower should be the rage looking forward.....especially here in America. As I drive all over Massachusetts & New Hampshire present day, there are CAMERAS popping up all over the highways & roadways. Good luck to using horsepower in the future, as the squeeze is on. Use & apply the advancements in technology learned, by squeezing every ounce of power out of an engine as efficiently as possible , and give us power that is fun & rewarding, but not excessive and useless.

    As of present day....the Mustang has been loaded up with a host of refinements, niceties & offerings, unlike never seen before in all the years past, (meaning from year to year you would basically see small increment type of changes)....this also includes crazy amounts of HP & HP potential. I am calling it perhaps the climax of what can be offered in a "Legacy" type of Mustang.

    I'd like to see:
    - Significantly lighter overall vehicle weight
    - Paddle Shifters
    - Heads up digital display
    - On the fly tunable exhaust (Spirited & Stealth modes)
    - 8-Speed Transmission
    - On board communications & internet access package
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    Mostly agree with your thoughts, Bob. Especially the lighter weight. But phooey on the paddle shifters - can't stand 'em!!!
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