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Thread: Looking for PPL interested in a local cruise and gathering.

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    Explore Kenny Brown Performance today!!
    Hey Amy. Yea I was thinking past exit17 , but no one else seems to be able to make it right now. So I think I will plan another one in the spring. I want the cruise and have it so ppl have the option of windows down or top down depending on whatcha got. I will totally keep you posted tho. If you want add me as a friend. If a small group of ppl hit me up in the next day then the cruise will still be on. OOO well. Have a good night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 90foxbodyGT View Post
    Its ok man. Looks like everyone that was interested isnt anymore. It sucks but ooo well. Hope your daughters team does good.
    If I hadn't made her miss two and then last weekend with the rain canceling her game I just can't make her miss anymore. I really wanted to go. I may be picking up a 92GT that I just bought on Sunday. I have to throw a clutch and two outter tie rod ends on it then I'll be running it around for a little bit. I'll definatley be interested in going on a cruise at another time!!

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