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Thread: Thank You to All the Attendees of the First Annual SmokinStangs Laconia Rally

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    Explore Kenny Brown Performance today!!
    Mark you and Bob both know how much I appreciated your efforts and how I felt about the events this past weekend.!! you guys did an outstanding job on all venues!! Well done my freinds....

    We really had a great time and I think I have my GF Karen hooked on Mustangs now, I think she might even sign on the site !! :-)' Maybe I can even convince her to get one some day !

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    Mark, Bob and families, A big thank you to all of you. This was only our second mustang show and the first with activities involved. If there were any glitches they were extremely minor and to tell the truth not even noticeable, at least to us. My wife, who normally really isn't into cars, enjoyed herself and is starting to like going to shows. We definitely will be back next year
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    Thanks to everyone for the positive reviews and interest to return next year. It was great to meet all the new faces and see all your rides.

    jpplaw was real close to me on the Track at NHMS and then the next day I saw the E Force Blower lurking under the hood and it all made sense..!!!!!
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    Thanks for a great time.Wish I had known about friday and saturday.I'll be there next year.

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    What a weekend. What a great group of people at all the events.
    Was so nice to see families working together to make this such a big success. You guys deserve a lot of credit.

    Car show was awesome...minor parking flaws went mostly undetected.
    Can't wait for next year...this is only going to get bigger and better.
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    Mark & Bob,
    Sorry I couldn't attend but you pulled off your 1st major show/event and tons of kudos for you doing so, I know it wasn't easy. Having some experience putting on car events, if I could offer a piece of advice......Just relax, unwind and get back to your families before you start to reflect on the good and bad at your event.

    My top 5 things needed for a successful show are:

    1) More Sponsors
    2) Increase Staff levels
    3) Listening to comments good and bad
    4) Backup plan if rain is in the forecast (one of the biggest headaches if it does and you don't have a backup plan) Car people don't take their cars out in the rain.
    5) Media Advertising

    Again a Big Congrats for pulling it off.

    See ya
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    Thank you to all who put this together. Job well done!!! I'm hoping next year I can bring the camper up & stay the whole weekend. I have some ideas for both of you from all my trips to Myrtle Beach. We'll have to get together at some point & I can debrief info with you both. Great job again!!!!

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    Seems like we should be thanking you guys, again, thanks for being so enthusiastic about the mustang hobby, to undertake such an event.

    We would conclude that it was a great success and are looking forward to seeing The SmokinStangs Mustang Rally @ Laconia grow and surpass Mustang Week @ Myrtle Beach.
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    Bob, Mark and families, thank you for putting this awesome show on. I wished I could have spent the whole weekend. Wasn't in the cards for Sunday but saturday was very cool. Driving on NHMS was great. I had no idea what it would be like. Next year, I most likely will not be busy restoring a car so I should be able to lend a hand. I also have some ideas for next years event.
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    My thoughts as a member of the NHMC.

    Home of the SmokinStangs - Northeast Mustang Rally!
    Hello All,

    I just recently joined the forum to learn more about and share the love of our beloved Mustangs. I had not heard of what actions, reasons, or any verbal statements until I just read this thread. As a member of the NHMC who attended Saturday's and Sunday's events, I must say that Bob and all who helped out pull this off deserve the highest praise.

    I truly had a blast. Were there problems? Sure there were, but this is only the first attempt to pull off a major event with very limited staff. I still can't stop talking about the rally to anyone who will listen to how much fun I had. Bob is one of the most sincere and caring people I have met. He approached me personally many times Saturday apologizing for the unforeseen delays for the photo shoot. But, it all worked out and that's all that really matters. I can't wait to see my pics. I'm already counting down the days to get back on the NHMS too. Thanks from RRoberts!

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