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Thread: We should all give a big thanks to Amy

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    Explore Kenny Brown Performance today!!
    Thanks so much Bob
    Fast Pony Photography
    POC: Amy Duclos
    137 W Bow St
    Franklin, NH 03235
    PH: 603-455-3888
    Fast Pony Photography

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    Home of the SmokinStangs - Northeast Mustang Rally!
    Quote Originally Posted by dbrennancobra View Post
    I gotta see this fireplace! I'm building a house down the street from you... On silverbrook road.
    it's really nothing fancy, a few years back I refaced the old 70's dark red brick that was there with marble tile and put on the new prefabbed mantle !

    if you like send me a PM so we dont hijack the thread and you can take a peek if you like !
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    2001 Saleen S281 Convertible ~ True Blue Metallic # 614
    KB Supercharged ~385 rwhp / 394 rwtq @ 10psi
    1/4 mile 12.91 @ 107.67

    Barry ~~AKA~~ B

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