If you are NEW to SmokinStangs.com, and recently attempted to "Register"....but received a response back that you feel was in error (Denied), we want to know! If your legit (meaning a real enthusiast, not a Spammer, Hacker, Etc...), we will correct this immediately and get you on the fast track to joining our ever growing SmokinStangs community!

SmokinStangs.com takes our members seriously, existing and new!! Just as important, if not, even more import than the Mustangs....are the people.

With that said, we hand review each and every new registration request. Regretfully, there are malicious attempts made daily (again & thanks too Spammers, Hackers, Etc...), which complicates the process. SmokinStangs.com has an automated system with numerous filters in-place that does most of the heavy lift...but the man, has the final say.

There are two items that are cause for "Red Flags."

1) User names that are un-related and/or have no relevance to the purpose of the site...Mustangs!
2) Email addresses that may be suspect

So please keep this in mind. The last thing we want is for a potential NEW member to be offended, and/or say....screw it! A quick and simple notice to us, and you'll be one of us!!

Here's how:
A) Click here----> http://www.smokinstangs.com/sendmessage.php
B) Select: Registration Problem
C) Provide your Username & Email Address that was used for registering
* That's it, as we will do the rest....and will confirm back to you via email!

Thank you for your patience...and we look forward to having you as an active member of the of the SmokinStangs.com community!