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Thread: Rear End Leak from Pinion Seal/Driveshaft Side Easy Fix

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    Rear End Leak from Pinion Seal/Driveshaft Side Easy Fix

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    So I noticed gear fluid leaking from the rear end of my Fox about a week ago. I figured the Pinion Seal let go as it was leaking near the U-joints.

    I called my friend's shop and asked them to order me a Pinion Seal so I could fix it by Ford Fest next weekend. The "old man" told me to check and see if I can tighten the Pinion Nut and see if that stops the leak.

    So...I jack up the car, remove the driveshaft (12mm wrench for those bolts), inspect the Pinion Seal and it looks dry. I grab the 1 1/16 socket and I get about 1/10 of a turn out of it.(you need some tool or long screwdriver to hold the pinion flange while you tighten the nut)

    Took it out for a rip last Thurs and then it sat all weekend as I was away.

    ..Result no more rear end Leak...
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    the easy fixes are always the best ones!!!
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    Good info to know Mark Thanks, just in case it happens to mine.


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