The goal here is to create enough policy to thwart "bad apples" yet not restrict the fine upstanding members who make up 99.9% of our membership.

In general terms, this is the gist: This is a place to swap goods among friends - but this isn't Ebay and we don't charge members or provide a "service", we merely allow folks a relatively unstructured medium to sell/exchange goods with one another. If you do get burned though, or you do have an issue -- please let us know as we will investigate your issue and if we feel a member is being disingenuous we can and will terminate their membership.
By using the Classifieds section you're agreeing to our buyer beware policy. The administrators, moderators and SmokinStangs are not responsible for possible negative outcomes that may result from sale/trade agreements made here. We do hope that any/all transactions made here are of the positive nature.

The following are the rules regarding Classified ads on

1) The poster must be a member with at least 10 posts. (posts must be relevant and meaningful/informative/interesting. (i.e., if you simply post 10 times saying "me too" or similar, it doesn't count.)
1.a) The poster must also have been a member for at least 2 weeks.
2) Poster must be the owner (or owner's immediate family) of the item being sold -- no selling by proxy. (I.e. selling for unrelated people.)
3) Poster may not sell items from a commercial/retail business or act as representative/middle-man for such. (Contact user "SmokinStang" for information on becoming a vendor.)
4) Item must be relevant to the general interest of the forum. (Mustang, Ford, or sports/muscle car-related cars, parts, accessories and collectibles.)
5) Misrepresented items, sales that are not honored or any type of intent to defraud may, at the sole discretion of, be cause for permanent ban.
6) Do not post Ebay/Craiglist links or classified ads from other forums. Our members deserve the courtesy of a genuine and thoughtful ad, not a simple link to somewhere else. (Linking to Photobucket-type sites in order to provide pictures and or specs relating to sale items are OK.)

Failure to abide by these rules can result in temporary or permanent ban of any/all members involved. Please direct all comments regarding these rules to site ADMIN via user; "Smokinstang" or "SVT10th" by Private Message only. Similarly, complaints about sellers/buyers, listed items or transactions should be communicated in Private Messages to the above listed Administrators.
Absolutely no flaming, negative comments, abusive language, threats or other inappropriate posts will be tolerated.

SmokingStangs administration reserves the right to modify these rules at any time, without notice. SmokinStangs administration will be the sole arbiter of any disputes and its decision is final.