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Thread: A 5.0-liter Mustang with a Vortech supercharger is iconic -Try a Blown 2011

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    A 5.0-liter Mustang with a Vortech supercharger is iconic -Try a Blown 2011

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    Vortech Supercharged 2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 Track Tested - AWESOME

    A 5.0-liter Mustang with a Vortech supercharger is iconic: as much a 1990s cultural touchstone as the sock puppet

    And now the Vortech supercharger is back. It's an evolved version on a new engine in a new car, but it's the same. You know, sort of how like that sock puppet was resurrected to pimp for Even though what does, no one seems to know.
    While those old Fox-bodied Mustangs of the '90s started with an archaic but overachieving 5.0-liter engine that was already almost 30 years old when that decade began, today's Vortech supercharger is feeding a state-of-the-art DOHC 32-valve variable-timed wonder motor. It's a match made in heaven and it makes for a very, very fast 5.0

    Smells Like Teen Spirit
    Back when dial-up and AOL ruled, one magazine after another printed stories that extolled the virtues of centrifugal blowers heaving into the V8s under the swollen hoods of Mustangs. Large swaths of Oregon are still barren from supplying the paper stock for Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords alone.
    "At the track, the Vortech equipped Mustang roared down the strip like a Boeing 777 that had just swallowed a dump truck full of amphetamines"
    But it wasn't the pretty pictures in the magazines that had the Vortech centrifugal blower leaving such an indelible impression. It was the sound.

    Even now, at any racetrack or street race, it's impossible to miss the scream of the Vortech blown machines. It's the steel billet CNC-cut gears inside their aluminum case that makes that sound — something like the scream of a hawk squawking down to snag another prairie dog snack. If you don't like the sound, don't buy a Vortech system.

    As Vortech's red 2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 pulled into the queue at IL's testing venue, heads swiveled around in instant recognition. There's something wicked about a blower that hides itself under a car's stock hood, yet announces its arrival so boldly.

    Back When the 5.0 Was King
    In the '90s, the 5.0-liter Mustang was rated at a modest (by today's standards) 205 or 225 horsepower depending on model year. So a tough-running, but realistic for the street, blown Mustang back then might have made about, say, 400 hp.
    Back in 1995 I put together a comparison test of Mustang tuner cars for Motor Trend. All the cars in that test were running versions of the 5.0-liter OHV Windsor V8 and the quickest of them all was built by Vortech.

    2011_ford_mustang_5oh AWESOME.jpg 2011_ford_mustang_5oh_vortech.jpg 2011_ford_mustang_tag_ft_218113_717.jpg

    Full story (much more of the good stuff) & Source - Insideline /
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    Me...Likey alot...!!!!!!!!!

    I need to get in the back yard and find that money tree....
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    Awesome! Seems like a pretty tight fit though.
    I'm Rob. Working on my '93 Reef Blue coupe. Stock internal 302, 80mm MAF, 75mm TB, Victor 5.0, High Ports, 30# inj., B303, 1.6s, Tremec 3550-2, and 3.73s. Stock tune. Went 13.9 @ 109 on street tires.

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    Great vid and I'm very impressed with the power those cars are making with basic mods. The skidpad needs work but the braking 60-0 was awesome for a Mustang.
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    2,324 only ran 12.2 in the 1/4? there are faster N/A cars out there with nothing but DR's and some suspension work!!

    What i REALLY want to see is a comparison and dyno graph of the old centrifugal blower vs a twin screw on one of these cars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TorchRedSVT View Post only ran 12.2 in the 1/4? there are faster N/A cars out there with nothing but DR's and some suspension work!!
    This is true but Id have to see how they set the suspension up, but I bet that car pulled some good MPH out in the 1/4 depending on gear.

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