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Thread: California is this weekend

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    California is this weekend

    Explore Kenny Brown Performance today!!
    Who do you fantasy cup guys have picked for Cali ? Jimmie Johnson has 5 wins there, and Jeff Gordon has had some great runs there in the past too.

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    That's always a good race.

    Jimmie is certainly the pick to go with looking at past results. Tony won it last. Kyle won it a few years ago and he's on fire right now....

    I'm gonna go with Tony, though -- I HATE Jimmie and Kyle aka "The Whiners"

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    Come on Boys !! We know the Ford is going to win!!! #99 all the way !~~
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    Quote Originally Posted by MY-S281 View Post
    Come on Boys !! We know the Ford is going to win!!! #99 all the way !~~
    Carl's on a good run. I'm hoping junior doesn't have to pit and wins.

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    Juan Montoya got the pole.


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