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Thread: I had a 75 Mustang back in 1980.

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    I had a 75 Mustang back in 1980.

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    It burst into flames. Maybe it was the total lack of maintenance. Maybe it was it's pinto DNA. I don't know. But it was a hoot to drive. But so was my VW beetle.


    PS, One day I'll tell you the story of my SHO. a nightmare really.

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    My husband used to own a BUNCH of VW's, from Buses to Beetles.... They are SUPER fun to drive!

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    My first Mustang when I was 16 was a 76 Mustang II Mach I model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fox Chic View Post
    My first Mustang when I was 16 was a 76 Mustang II Mach I model.
    You must have thought you were one of Charlies Angels.

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    One of my best friends had a '74 with a V6.
    One night in about 1978 we took it down 495 and he had it FLOORED all the way.
    Down a really steep hill we actually hit 90mph.
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    gotta to love the pin-stang or is it the stangto?

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    Quote Originally Posted by taronis View Post
    It burst into flames...

    That's funny -- my uncle had one too - a '76 I think. He had it parked at work and the neighboring building was getting it's roof re-tarred. Some hot tar spilled onto the Mustang and... wait for it.... it burst into flames....

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    i had one when i was 13 me and dad took the 2.3 out and dropped in a 289 with a 4 speed boy would that thang fly lol

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    I had a '76. I put a 302 out of a '72 F250 into it. It was great in the mountains. I would do another MII in a heartbeat.
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