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Thread: stolen mach1 outlaw car may be in the area

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    stolen mach1 outlaw car may be in the area

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    a 2003-04 blue mach1 outlaw was stolen from florida and may be in the area or at least parts of it....just something to keep your eyes peeled for as well.....people su*k.......heres the link
    03 5spd mach1 d1sc procharger broken again what a surprise

    07 zx14 170whp......<----doesn't break so far, second time ever running!!

    new mustang coming!!!! turned into fbody....97 z28 auto w/

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    Wtf man. These thieves need a friggin' job!
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    Quote Originally Posted by badass98svt View Post
    Wtf man. These thieves need a friggin' job!
    Unfortunately, the current job market actually may be part of the problem.....

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