AutoX @ Devens 101

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This is what you'll see at AutoX, Ft. Devens in Ayer, Massachusetts.....along with others like, of course Mustangs, SVT Lightnings, Volvo's, Neons, Misc other makes/models......even Vipers (My friend Paul -owner of Red 92/94 Soft roofed RT/10 RoadsterViper / who's always there)

I've done this several times with the NorthEast Sho Club. I ran a 99 Green SVT Cobra - AutoxPrepped and had a Blast!! This is for all levels of drivers, Beginners -to- Seasoned AutoX Drivers.

No pressure, with solid advise given. Drive yourself, Ride alongs with Seasoned AutoX'ers in the Passenger, and you can also ask to do a ride along as Passenger in a Seasoned AutoX'ers ride. I did this in a Posche 911......and it was "Eye-Opening" to say the least!!!

Expect to work the track, manage cones, and wait & watch it's all part of it,, which is good for additional learning & motivation. As you watch others you say....."Hey, I do that.....and/or say......I can do that better, I think!?!?!

FUN, FUN, FUN.........Plus the ride to & from can be a blast in itself.

General Stuff:
- Vehicle should be in Safe / Working order.
- Need helmet (open faced - OK)
- Need License
- No loss items in vehicle
- Staging area provided to prep car and unload items
- Bring Tire Gauge & Air Pump Suggested
- Need numbers (vinyl/magentic temps) for Drivers/Passenger door placement
(Event coordinators may have available at event for use)
- Street Tires OK
- Bring Rain Gear - Events usually Rain or Shine
- Bring sunblock for sunny days
- Bring snacks & beverage if desired
*This is not an exact list.


Jim in FFR Challenge Car @ AutoX with Northeast SHO Club, posted by John George

Bob in 911 @ AutoX with Northeast SHO Club

Ash in M3 @ AutoX with Northeast SHO Club - taped run 2

I'm looking to do a little AutoX myself this 2010 Season:burnout2 smiley:
(Article / Blog created by Robert Pitard)


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