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I have a question for the SmokinStang family. I have 90 vert with 101,000 miles [babied] on it, I am doing the body & paint as I type and drivetrain will be pulled by the end of the week. So, the question is what should I do with the drivetrain? What kind of set, what combo to make it a solid reliable street ride but can still take to the track and not blow it up. Maybe 306, 331, 347 or crate motor or GT 40 set up with solid internals or switch it over to carb set up. I want to drive it more than wrenching on it, and I don't have a open check book just for the motor, so tell me what you guys think. Oh, one more thing the car is a slush box [don't laugh] it will stay that way, only that will be built also. That was the only request from my better half so she can cruise it. Thx Bob
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    Hey badazzvert,

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    I would pose this question/topic in the forums area (just copy it)... , and I'm sure some of the members will chime in. Perhaps even the "Fox Doctor" will!!

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