ED DAY 2010 presents "Charity Challenge"

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The 5th Anniversary of ED DAY will feature something never seen before at New England Dragway - The 1st EVER "Charity Challenge"

The ED DAY "Charity Challenge" will be a bracket style elimination, similar to ED DAY 2009, but with a "Winner take all for their Charity" stipulation.

Prior to ED DAY, 16 charities will be chosen as possible winners of the pot.

The 64 racers will be split into 16 teams of 4, with each team fighting to win the proceeds for their chosen charity.

The following Team Captains have been chosen with their charity and team members (screen names listed in parentheses)...

1. ED Y (LILBLKSNAKE)- TEAM ED- Joslin Clinic for Juvenile Diabetes
Team members-
Johnny Chan (AsianStanger)
Jay M (XerXeese)
Todd S (ToddCCG)

2. Jim G (Gilmar4)- Team 47 Motorsports- Animal Rescue Merrimac Valley
Matty (Mann's Orchard)
Henri (BluSVT)
Lynnie (09 GT)

3. Scott S (Bullitt5177)- Team Scarecrow- Susan G Komen Foundation
Carole Faure (Foxbod44)
Barry (MY-S281)
Jim Traynor

4. Fred- Team Mopar- (charity to be determined)
Susan (06 Dodge Charger)
Buck (Dodge Ram)

5. Fabio (Charlie181) Team Jeffrey Calero Memorial
Lou Schneider
Bruce (ToplessPony94)
Erik (slowpony)

6. Steve H (lxfiveoh) TEAM FIRST PLACE (Charity to be determined)
Carol (awwyea)
Dana (pony281)
Kevin (jarhead46)

7. Bob P (Team PULNGZ) Make a Wish Foundation
Angel F (bdass92)
Matty G (1BADSNK)

Cost to enter this event is 125.00 per team plus current NE Dragway Test Session fees.
Please make checks payable to "Charity Challenge".

Separate donations may also be made for the following (please specify where your donation should be allocated)
1. Sponsor one of the current "Charity Challenge" Teams partially or in full
2. Sponsor one of the charities (your donation will be forwarded to your specified charity, not added to the pot for the shootout)
3. ED DAY 2010 awards and supplies.

Please make all checks payable to...

Charity Challenge
50 Randolph DR
Tewksbury, MA 01876

Deadline for Teams to submit entry fee s April 1st 2010. We cannot guarantee anyone a spot after that date if you are unpaid. Team Captains are responsible for collecting the entry fee from their own team.