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  1. Did you already polish the headlights? Thanks for coming. It was a lot of fun. Car ran really hot tonight after going on the highway. I think I may have a bad fan clutch.
  2. hey stan thanks for lunch today...i really aprecaite the 3-m headlight polishing kit..took car to local show tonight and was awarded club pick for the night. cool little trophy.
  3. Hey Chet, WE did talk today. Sounds like hes getting close. Thanks for the offer of the trailer. I cant get the guy to give me any info about the supposed Saleen. There are a lot of cars for sale. Cant beleive the interest in mine. Must have been the magic number for a price that i put out there. I'll keep yu posted. Thanks
  4. Hey Stan no jeff isn't driving yet ....:) i'm assuming you talked today? The show @ VIP is on Tues. I'm not sure if they started yet? Good luck with the new car. If you need a car trailer let me know...
  5. Chet, whats up? Did Jeff start driving his car? I will see him Friday. Know anyone looking for a car? There is an 85 Saleen for sale and I would like it if I can sell mine. When is the show near you? Thx Stan
  6. nice to see some familair cars...
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