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  1. yah i guess you could say we just missed each other....the weahter was very good wed and thurs.. it rained a little and the rest of the week was sunny and 70. we had a booth set up at Bruce Rossmyers Harley. quite the experiance to say the least. i was trying to go down earlier for the NMRA spring break shoot out in branden Fl.but didn't want to push it with the wife......:)
  2. Hey bud...yeah my wife's aunt/uncle and grandmother live down there, so last weekend ( March 4 - 7th ) we went down for a few days just to get some sun. Coincidently it was at the beginning of bike week so I got to expierence that which was kinda cool. It was a good time....

    Looks like we just missed each other hahahahaha. How was the weather down there when you went?
  3. Hey Ian, i see in a post that you where in Daytona? Work or vacation? i was down there for work from wed. on. got home sat.
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