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  1. Hmm. Sounds interesting. Keep me posted.
  2. well congrats on the little Girl Shelby is great little girls name and also my daughters name!! i'm sorry to hear that it didn't work out @ pro tree. NTB in Salem is right down the street from my shop. we will have to do lunch some day. Hopefully the garage will be done in a couple of weeks. then i get to finish the inside once the eletrical,plumbing and heating are done. the summer is never long enough but at least winter is short i hope.

    I can't wait till the garage is done..I'm going to the SEMA show in las vegas in two weeks and i have big plans for the garage space and what it will be used for if everthing works out with the people i'm meeting with @ SEMA. Talk is cheap over the phone so we will see what they are all about in person. i'm going to keep my fingers crossed..
  3. Things are great with Carole. Not sure if I told you before, but she's pregnant. We had our first ultrasound last Thursday, and found out we're having a little girl. She's due the beginning of March. The summer went pretty well. Too short (as always), and I'm no longer at ProTree. Things didn't end up working out well there, so now I'm at NTB in Salem, NH. Can't complain. Things are going great. When's the garage supposed to be done?
  4. Things are going well Unfortantly no time for the cars but i was able to finish the cobra just in time before construction started since i had to find a place to keep them. Hopefully i will bring them home are things with you and Carole? How was the rest of your summer? Are you still over @ pro tree? Any time you are in the area feel free to stop buy..i will be home alot in the next couple of months working on the house...
  5. Yep, Carole and I both had the day off, so we decided to visit my mom, and then hit LL Bean. We drove by your house a couple times, but I didn't see anybody outside, so I didn't want to just drop in, lol. How're things going?
  6. I saw you today....just out for a sunday drive to your mom's?? I had just left my house (or whats left of it) to take my kids to lunch.
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