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  1. Chet, that was my buddy Dave that came in the other day. I saw him last night and he told me the story, and how you both met. He's a junkie like us, but keeps a low prof. He's got a couple Mustangs, new & old, and his 11 year old son has shown me his Mustang based school he's well on his way to becoming one also.
  2. Hey Bob, the other day a gentlemen came into our facility and we started talking cars and mustangs and i guess he knows you pretty well? David D says hello...
  3. thanks for the welcome... i was turned on to the site by stan..silver 85gt? Great site :) Hopefully will see alot of these cars at shows locally..
  4. Hi Chet-b......Welcome to!!

    We are happy to have you as part of our new Community and Fine Collection of SmokinStangs and SmokinMembers!!
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