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  1. Jim.....Great looking NEW Sig you got there. That is top shelf man!!

  2. Jim,

    The CP features are very robust, with plenty of config tweak capabilities. I covered 3/4's of check components slated for launch and full grooming.
  3. Jim,

    I'll look at this. Last night the Host Server FULLY converted over the Parked Page to the new, so I noticed a hicup. Can you try to load your Avatar again this morning.

    Also: I'm only tweaking the "FORUM" page out of the gate, as I want to load the sites skin before populating heavily.
    PM your findings as we progress.

    I will alert all when I feel the site is at full swing.......this NEW Platform is pretty slick with Many, Many " NEW Features that this site will Ultimitely have advantages over any others.....all in due time.
  4. Hey Bob

    Couple of things I've noticed. They may already be on your "to do" list.

    - Main ("home") page of site gives an error message, "You do not have permission to access this page."
    - Members cannot add an avatar photo.
    - Members cannot put an image in their signature.
  5. Hi Jim....and welcome to!!
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