1. AutoX @ Devens 101

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    This is what you'll see at AutoX, Ft. Devens in Ayer, Massachusetts.....along with others like, of course Mustangs, SVT Lightnings, Volvo's, Neons, Misc other makes/models......even Vipers (My friend Paul -owner of Red 92/94 Soft roofed RT/10 RoadsterViper / who's always there)

    I've done this several times with the NorthEast Sho Club. I ran a 99 Green SVT Cobra - AutoxPrepped and had a Blast!! This is for all levels of drivers, Beginners -to- Seasoned AutoX Drivers.
  2. Link to PFH - Project Fallen Hero is up on

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    Please Explore & Follow this Project as it continue to move forward.

    In Found & Loving Memory of Maj. Jeffery R. my Brother!

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    We will never/ever forget that events that happened on that sad day of September 11, 2001.....aka: 911

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